Thermodynamics and Heat Power Rolle 6th Edition solutions manual

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solutions manual Thermodynamics and Heat Power Rolle 6th Edition

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction.

2. The Thermodynamic System.

3. Work, Heat, and Reversibility.

4. Conservation of Mass and the First law of Thermodynamics.

5. Equations of State and Calorimetry.
6. Processes.

7. Heat Engines and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

8. Availability and Useful Work.

9. The Internal Combustion Engine and the Otto and Diesel Cycles.

10. Gas Turbines, Jet Propulsion, and the Brayton Cycle.

11. Steam Power Generation and the Rankine Cycle.

12. Refrigeration and Heat Pumps.

13. Mixtures.

14. Reacting Mixtures and Combustion.

15. Heat Transfer.

16. Heating and Air Conditioning.

17. Other Power Devices.

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